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We stock a wide range of operator chairs. From our entry-level Bilbao model to our Senza High-Back with folding arms; you're sure to find an operator chair to suit your budget.

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Choosing the right Operator Chair

Operator chairs are specifically designed for use at desks. Supplied with adjustable arms and lumbar support they offer the user the maximum adjustment to find their own ideal seating position. In addition, most of our chairs come with adjustable seat height and backrest, along with armrests and back support. Due to their design, operator chairs help to reduce cases of repetitive chair strain injury which can be caused by sitting for extended periods of time a computer/desk. It is currently a health and safety requirement that businesses provide operator chairs that users can adjust to their individual requirements.

The majority of operator chairs have 5 wheels, thus enabling users to rotate and converse with colleagues whilst moving around their desk with ease. Castor wheels also allow users to stay comfortable for longer periods of time as they provide both balance and comfort.

The Benefits Of Choosing The Right Operator Chair

If operator chairs remain in use beyond their life cycle and guarantee this can impact on comfort levels for the user and additionally create stress and strain on the body.  The average operator chair used for 40 hours per week should last for as long as the guarantee period.  This however depends on the number of hours used per day along with whether they are used within the recommended guidelines.  At the time of purchase, it is good practice to consider the guidelines for use and therefore establish when they need to be reassessed. The Guidelines to be considered are:

  • Recommended weight capacity.
  • Recommended hours of usage.
  • Environmental factors that could impact the lifespan of the chairs.
  • Manufacturers guarantee.

Making these assessments will enable you to decide whether chairs should remain in the workplace or be replaced as a result of wear and tear.  If you are ready to replace your operator chairs, we have a solution to fit every requirement and budget.

These days it is not uncommon for people to sit for 8 or 9 hours at their desks without regular breaks so it is imperative that office workers have a chair that is comfortable, improves productivity and offers great functionality when being sat down for long periods of time, but without having to compromise on style  Here at Priced 2 Clear we stock an extensive range of operator chairs to suit all business needs and budgets, Operator chairs come in a large selection of styles and finishes, including fabric, mesh, and leather.

Additionally, we have a wide range of colours available, so whether you want a more classic finish such as black or charcoal or something more contemporary such as green, blue or red, browse our extensive choice to find the perfect chairs to suit you.

Our operator chairs also boast a wide choice of various seating mechanisms and functions as listed below.

  • Gas Lift Adjustment – Raises and lowers the height of the seat to fit the user
  • Back Height Adjustment – Allows the seat back to be heightened and lowered to fit the user
  • Free Floating Back – Self-weight tension control lockable in multiple positions
  • Lumbar Support - Offers additional support to the lower back
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support – Adjusts internally in the back to offer additional support to the lower back
  • Back Rake Adjustment - Independent back tilt control. Lockable in multi positions.
  • Weight Tension Control – Adjustable to the users weight to ensure controlled smooth reclining action
  • Knee Tilt Adjustment – Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in various positions
  • Standard Tilt Lock – Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in upright position only
  • Locking Tilt Lock – Seat and back move backwards in tandem, lockable in any position
  • Independent Seat Tilt – Allows the seat to be independently tilted forwards and backwards
  • Seat Depth Adjustment – Seat slides forwards and backwards to match the user's size. Lockable in multi positions
  • Synchro Seat and Back Tilt – Seat and back move in a synchronised motion. Lockable in multiple positions

Several choices of chair arm styles are also available, as listed below.

  • Fixed Arms – Loop arms fixed in position
  • Pivot arms – Arms can be pivoted for clear access
  • Adjustable 3D arms – Arms adjust in height and lockable in multi positions. Arms are also adjustable front and back, and left and right positions
  • Height-adjustable arms – Arms adjust in height. Lockable in multiple positions.
  • Fully adjustable arms – Arms adjust in height and lockable in multiple positions. Arms are also adjustable left and right positions