Juniper UV Green Wall

  • Overall Height 500mm
  • Overall Spread 500mm
  • Please Note: Minimum order quantity of 4
  • Delivery 5-7 Days
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use

Hanging plants are a fantastic solution where space and surfaces are limited, or if you’re simply looking for a different way to add greenery to your interior.


£71.00 +VAT

Suitable for use in the shade, or high heat areas where living plants are not appropriate, you can still add greenery to your space. Our range is ready to display straight from the box in a wide selection of styles and types that will suit your space and budget. What’s more, this means no construction or finishing is required and they are simple to look after.

  • Combining carefully selected components, continuous construction and a high degree of craftsmanship, our plants are resilient, strong and reliable – perfect for high traffic areas.
  • Featuring fully bonded components from base to tip, our plants do away with the unreliable joints many competitor ranges feature
  • Simply brush the leaves with any small clean brush. Our plants are amongst the easiest available to care for.
  • Overall height: 500mm
  • Overall spread: 500mm
  • Please note: Minimum order quantity of 4
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use
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